Presented by Berklee Faculty


Quadrophonic Performances of Historic Works by the Father of the Digital Synthesizer




10h-14h – Technology Workshops
10-12h – Game Development and Music Gustavo Aranda, Head of R&D and International Development, Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología
12-14h – Little Bits Workshop Alayna Hughes, Co-founder of Curiosibot and Graduate Fellow at Berklee College of Music
16h-18h – “Composing Music from the Inside-Out” Lecture-Demonstration by John and Maureen Chowning
18h-18:45 – “Past, Present, and Future of Electronic Music” Roundtable Discussion John Chowning (Stanford University) Stephen Webber (Program Director of Music Technology Innovation, Berklee) Ben Houge (Faculty, Music Technology Innovation, Berklee), Gregorio Jiménez (Profesor @ Conservatorio Superior de Valencia J. Rodrigo and MEVIC / UPV) Stefano Scarani (Profesor @ Musikene and  MEVIC / UPV) Adolfo Núñez (Director @ LIEM Madrid)
19h-19:45 – Student Concert
20h – John Chowning Concert, Maureen Chowning, soprano
Turenas (1972), 10 min / Phonē (1981), 12 min / Stria (1977), 16 min / Voices v.3 (2011), 18 min

Where: Saló d’actes, ETSIT Telecommunications building (3rd floor), Edificio 4D, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

When: Thursday June 4, 10:00h – 22:00h (local time)

How to Attend: Free entry. 

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